Susan McMaster

Assistant Professor
7932 Opossumtown Pike Mail Box #277


Background Information

As a faculty member, I teach economics courses in a variety of formats, including traditional 15 week face to face courses, accelerated/hybrid courses, and online both in the traditional 15 week semester and in an accelerated format. I also generally teach one Introductory Business course each year. I also work with all of our Honors students that are taking economics for honors credit.

In addition to teaching 6 courses per semester, I participate in a number of College committees, including our Honors Advisory Board, Athletics Advisory Board, and represent my department (Business and Technology) on our Distance Learning Task Force and Committee.

My spare time is spent watching my boys' baseball games (little league and high school) and going to band concerts, along with finding time for a good book.

Related Pedagogical Projects

Over the past year, I have been working on our Principles of Economics courses to ensure the prerequisites properly support our students' success both in the course and going forward. Last year I evaluated the success of online students using more interactive tools in the classroom to assist student learning. As part of the evaluation, because I teach in various modalities, I was able to evaluate the success of my face to face students on exams and other assessments relative to my online students who utilized the interactive tools.

In the past I have trained on effective teaching techniques for adult learners (andragogy). I have shared this information with my colleagues at FCC and have considered information on how to effectively blend these methods to reach the range of students found in my community college and also within economics.