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Knowledge Exchange Network

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Knowledge Exchange Network  

I've added a project to the Math page linking to the Knowledge Exchange Network. It is a wonderful initiative in developmental math now underway in California, Ontario, Canada and the Pacific Northwest. See for example .

Tom Carey, see is eager to talk with us about ways in which the Knowledge Exchange Networks could be extended to other disciplines, including economics.

Bruce Yoshiwara, our math rep at the workshop, is involved in the Los Angeles Knowledge Exchange Network and can help us learn more about this effort.


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The link Mark provided for our knowledge exchange group takes you directly to our Curriki site. If you're not familiar to Curriki, you should be warned that many people find navigation non-intuitive. The San Diego Area Knowledge Exchange group (SAKE--the Bay Area is BAKE and my group is LAKE) has made progress on a nicer homepage. Go to


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This is a very interesting site that is filled with examples. It reminds me of the SERC site - set up by topic but provides examples of teaching techniques. One thing I want to make sure is that we try to use some of the existing resources, where they exist and are appropriate, and then figure out how to make them better or more user friendly or perhaps simply visible.


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The math site looks like a wonderful tool for finding ways to support economics students with weak math skills. Thank you.

Gail (economics)


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