Dr. Lynn Rothschild

Dr. Lynn Rothschild
Dr. Lynn Rothschild - Research biologist, NASA Ames Research Center and Stanford University- Evolutionary and synthetic biology and extremophiles.

TRANSCRIPT: "My name is Lynn Rothschild. I’m a biologist/astrobiologist/synthetic biologist at NASA’s Ames Research Center. I also teach at Stanford and Brown Universities and my real love is the microbes, particularly the protozoan algae. But over the last ten or fifteen years, I’ve been studying a lot of organisms that live in extreme environments and Mono Lake is a perfect example of an extreme environment. It’s high-salinity, so in other words, it has a lot more salt than the ocean water and it’s high-pH, so it’s got more alkalinity – it’s much less acidic, more alkaline, more basic than you see for example in the ocean sort of environments we are normally used to. I’ve done some field work in Africa in the Rift Valley and the lakes there are even higher pH, but since I work in California, Mono Lake is a lot closer and it’s a great place."

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