Dr. Goro Komatsu

Dr. Goro Komatsu
Dr. Goro Komatsu – Research Professor, IRSPS - Univ. G.d'Annunzio, Pescara, Italy
Earth and planetary sciences.

TRANSCRIPT: "My name is Goro Komatsu. I am a geologist at the International Research School of Planetary Sciences in Pescara, Italy. I am interested in surface processes of planets including Venus, Mars, and the Earth, and also icy satellites of the outer solar system. What I’m studying most is the surface processes involving water including floods, tsunami, and how the rivers are formed – such and such. I’m also interested in impact craters including trying to identify potential impact craters on the Earth. Why I’m excited about all this things are that these are subjects of nature. I’m very interested in nature and how processes work in nature. Beyond this, I’m also interested in how humans interact with the natural environment. And touching on Earth, how nature affects the lives of people and how the people influence the nature. And on the extension of this, I’m also interested in how humans are going to explore space and step into the unknowns of the universe. This is something I would like to understand and I would like to also contribute into its movement."

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