Integrating data analysis across the curriculum

Initial Publication Date: April 12, 2013

A two-hour workshop to introduce community college faculty to resources on integrating data analysis across the curriculum (Participants will also have an opportunity to explore and develop a module).


Good Workshop Design (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 19kB Mar17 13) This quick handout has some suggestions for developing effective faculty development workshops.

Time: Although designed for two hours, the workshop could be compressed to one-hour with time spent afterward by participants. The format also could be extended to a second meeting at which participants report on their work. The powerpoint notes include directions on to offer as both a one-hour and two-hour works

Size: Participants are working online, so any size group is fine as long as everyone has individual Internet access.

Discipline areas: This workshop is specifically designed for the social sciences including sociology economics, religion, geography, political science, history and some psychology. Other disciplines will find suitable materials at the cross-disciplinary site. It is ideal if participants can work with others in the same discipline; however, the format allows participants to work individually if no one else teaches in the same area.

Resources needed: Each participant will need Internet access on a computer, laptop, or tablet. (If you choose to facilitate the one hour accelerated workshop and not request participants to draft a learning module, access to computers would only be needed by facilitator)

Supporting materials:

Powerpoint for Workshop (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 2.2MB Mar17 13): This presentation includes notes for each slide as well as resources that can be used to do the workshop. Please free to delete and add slides as needed. This presentation is part of a webinar series for the Teaching Data Analysis program. I have included links to the original webinar within the powerpoint.

Template for Teaching and Learning Modules (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 15kB Mar17 13): This is a template that can be used and adapted for the final activity in this workshop.

Recommended format

The Powerpoint includes notes on an agenda and format. THe powerpoint includes a discussion on why integrating data analysis is best practice in pedagogy. There are then screen shots about ways of visualzing data including a discusison of data via youtube videos. After Activity 2, participants will have an opportunity to review TEACHING DATA website. This website includes numerous learning modules form various social sciences that can be used and adapted by faculty. Workshop would end with Activity 3. Assessment is an important part of the workshop and you may want to consider using a pre/post quiz and be sure to include a type of workshop evaluation at the end. Many institutions have a workshop evaluation that is often used.

Introductions (Activity 1) requires participants to share challenges with integrating data analysis into the curriculum.

Activity 2 gives participants to share ideas or things they are already doing in their classes.

Activity 3 is the closing activity where faculty have an opportunity to draft a learning module using some of the resources in the course.

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