Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum: The General Collection

The General Collection is a growing library of modules that were created specifically for SSAC and its goal of developing QL skills in non-mathematics context. These modules were made mainly by participants in project-supported, week-long workshops held in Olympia Washington in July 2005, 2006 and 2007 by the Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education (The Evergreen State College).

Currently there are 55 modules in the General Collection of the SSAC Library.

View of the browse page that lists the available modules (in July 2007, when only 27 modules were live).

To access the modules, go to "SSAC General Collection Modules," which is a browse page where you can search by keyword, subject or author in the search box. You can also search according to three sets of hierarchical tags (click on the links to see the full vocabularies): Math content (Quantitative Concept) (Microsoft Word 41kB Jun17 10), Context (Subject) (Microsoft Word 29kB Jul13 07), and Excel Skill (Microsoft Word 32kB Jul13 07).

A spreadsheet card catalog of the General Collection is here (Excel 4.8MB Jul26 10). The modules are listed alphabetically by the middle segment of the module's code number – the part that gives a Library of Congress-style category for the module context. Other columns include the full title and author of the module. The last column lists the quantitative concepts and skills that the authors and editors identify with the modules.

The 55 posted modules, which range over 26 Library of Congress categories, have been developed by 40 authors from 21 educational institutions in 11 states.

The 26 LOC-style Categories

The 40 Authors from 21 Educational Institutions in 11 States








New Hampshire

New York



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