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Spreadsheet modeling of former glaciation in research mode

Bill Locke
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GLACPRO is the fourth in a sequence of spreadsheet modeling exercises (SCARP, SCARP2, LONGPRO). It is a simple model that can be applied to answer a research question that may not yet have been addressed in print; it is thus a transition to senior- or graduate-level work.

Specifically, in the GLACPRO exercise student teams (1-3 members) use a numerical model to reconstruct a former glacial flowline from moraines to source. They must interact with teams studying adjacent flowlines to accurately place ice divides. They can calculate average thicknesses, volumes, ice loading, and sea level equivalent from the class model.

In the past, I have used this method to reconstruct the former ice cover of Yellowstone, the Bitterroot Mountains, the San Juans, Sierra Nevada, and numerous other glaciated regions.

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Link to Word file of GLACPRO instructors notes, student pitfalls, and scoring/gradin rubric (Microsoft Word 68kB Jul8 05)


Assessment suggestions are included with instructors notes.

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