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To Drill or Not to Drill? A Case Study in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge part of Cutting Edge:Environmental Geology:Activities
To Drill or Not to Drill is a multidisciplinary problem based learning exercise, which intends to increase students' knowledge of a variety of topics through a real world environmental topic. In addition, drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) impacts students either directly (depending on the age level) or indirectly (through their parents) as gas prices soar to record high levels.

Accessible Solar System on a String part of Teacher Preparation:Resource Collections:Activities
In this earth and space science activity, students with and without disabilities use their senses to investigate the scale of the solar system. With the sun the size of a bell - they can walk off the distance to Neptune. Students describe their observations (oral and written).


College of Charleston - Making Earth and Space Science Accessible part of Teacher Preparation:Resource Collections:Courses
Students with disabilities are held to the same National and State science, math and technology education standards as their peers. However, current earth and space science classroom materials are often not designed with the deaf/hard of hearing, blind/visually impaired, orthopedic, multi-disabled, or learning disabled user in mind. During the workshops we work with educators and experts from exceptional classroom settings and organizations to identify what kinds of educational materials they need and which educational products will work best for their students. Based on discussions and field experiences, it is clear that there is a need to modify and/or adapt existing educational materials and to encourage product developers to include educational methods for involving the exceptional student population. To address this need, we work closely with educators of students with disabilities, science content experts and education product developers to implement more effective ways for ALL students to share in the excitement of earth and space science lessons. For Dr. Runyon's reflections on the course and its design, see Making Earth and Space Science Accessible: Role in the Program.


Cassandra Runyon (Planetary Geology) & Leslie Sautter (Marine Geology) part of Teacher Preparation:Resource Collections:Essays
Essays on Teacher Preparation by Workshop Participants Department of Geology School of Science and MathematicsCollege of Charleston Charleston, South Carolina Introduction The College of Charleston (CofC) is a ...

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