Christopher Hill


Boise State University

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Activities (2)

Paleobotany Exercise: 200,000 Years of Pollen and Environmental Change part of Cutting Edge:Paleontology:Activities
Students interpret a pollen data set that extends back to 220,000 years ago. They gain experience in observing morphological differences in pollen taxa, collection and orginization of data, data analysis, and writing. This is a "virtual lab" where the fossil pollen samples that are studied are provided as Powerpoint slides.

Quaternary Faunal Environments part of Cutting Edge:Paleontology:Activities
This project uses the online database FAUNMAP to compare the spatial distribution of mammals during the late Quaternary. Comparisons are made with the spatial distribution of a variety of extinct and extant taxa. Inferences about past environmental conditions are made by comparing the distribution patterns of large and small mammals over time.


Quaternary Paleontology part of Cutting Edge:Paleontology:Courses
This is a required course for the undergraduate degree in geoarchaeology. Most of the students that take the course are majors in anthropology, biology, and geology. The course provides an overview of Pleistocene and Holocene paleobotany, paleozoology, and archaeozoology with an emphasis on paleoecology and environmental change.

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