Clint Cowan

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Carleton College

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Fossils in Context: creating your own fossiliferous 'limestone' part of Cutting Edge:Paleontology:Activities
Our museum collection is full of loose, individual, beautiful fossils of marine invertebrates. I try to get students to understand that most fossils they might actually find in the field are locked in rock, and they will need to identify them in cross-section. This can also be used as an elaborate taphonomy-environment lab.

Hands-on Activities for understanding Ammonite Sutures part of Cutting Edge:Paleontology:Activities
This lab/project/topic starts with a hands-on activity that can be accomplished in one to two hours, depending on how you do it. It is designed to make students demonstrate they know (really) what sutures are in ammonites, and more broadly, the goal is to generally show that complex shapes can arise from simple physical conditions in a fairly mundane system (a Hele-Shaw cell).


Paleobiology part of Cutting Edge:Paleontology:Courses
This course is a blend of Earth History and Paleontology. It is designed as a second course (after Intro) in Geology.

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