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General Biology - Evolution - Reproductive Strategies - Symbiosis - Human Disease - Speciation in Insects - Vector Control - Viruses/Phage

General Biology

Wolbachia illustration
Illustration by Tamara Clark, provided courtesy of the Encyclopedia of Life .
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Reproductive Strategies

Blue Moon Butterfly
The male blue moon butterfly has evolved to be resistant to the sex-selective Wolbachia. Image in public domain.
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Symbiosis & Host-Microbe Interactions

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Human Disease

Elephantiasis of leg due to filariasis. Luzon, Philippines. Image in public domain, courtesy of the CDC.
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Speciation in Insects

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Vector Control

Malaria Mosquito
Malaria is transmitted when a female Anopheles mosquito takes a blood meal. Image in public domain, courtesy of the CDC.
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Viruses/Phage: The Parasites Within

Wolbachia bacteria infected with numerous tiny virus particles, enlarged in the inset. Image by Michelle Gourley and Seth Bordenstein, courtesy of the Encyclopedia of Life.
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