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Summer Workshop Resources

Weekly Workshop Schedules

Week One Schedule (Acrobat (PDF) 29kB Jul8 07)

Week Two Schedule (Acrobat (PDF) 23kB Jul9 07)

Summer Workshop Participants

Tracy Bare, Christine Brasacchio, Dierdre Clonan, Diana Cost,
MaryAnn DeMaria, Susan Fortin, Peter Garrahan, Elizabeth Gustufson,
Amy Hintzman, Maureen Hughes Emily Lappen, Mary Lavin,
Jody-Lee Moro Susan OConnell, Diane Porter, Johanna Rodrigues,
Linda Rohr, Donna Schleicher, Nathaniel Smith, Aaron Stone,
Andrew Thain Susannah Tracy, Mary Valentine, Hassan Warfa

Daily Workshop Schedules

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5,
Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10

Teaching Plans


Hrishi Patel (Presentation: Changing Times)

Dr. Robert Kaufmann (Presentation: Climate Change for Beginners)

Dr. Tamara Ledley (Presentation: What is a Climate Model?)

Dr. David Marchant (Presentation: Research in Antarctica: Scientific Adventures)

Mark McGuire (Presentation: Beyond Maps: The Wide World of GIS)

Sung Bae Jeon (Presentation: Monitoring Land Use Change)

Education & Technology Specialists

LuAnn Dahlman (Presentation: Promoting Career Awareness)

Nick Haddad (Presentation: Planet Investigations)

Dr. Carla McAuliffe (Presentation: Sizing Up Cells)

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