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Online 1: Applying Analysis Techniques


Hello and welcome to our first Web-based collaboration of the DataTools program. This event will run from Thursday, September 13 through Sunday evening, September 23. Its focus will be on Data Analysis. You'll choose an analysis technique, locate appropriate data, and describe how you will apply this technique to a topic you teach. Throughout the event, you'll share and discuss your ideas with your colleagues.

For example, as a way to explore changes in ecosystems over time (and as an introduction to ImageJ), you might decide to have students animate a time-series set of deforestation images or you might use this technique in a demonstration you give to students. We are thinking of these short applications as "mini-lessons" that you might use frequently during the school year, especially as you introduce spreadsheets, GIS, and image analysis to your students.

In order to engage in a discussion with your colleagues, it is important for you to make sure you have posted your description of your mini-lesson, along with the dataset or a URL to the dataset no later than Thursday, September 20. That way, others will be able to try out your technique and provide comments.

A Summary of Data Analysis Techniques

Here is a list of techniques (listed by tool) that you have learned so far in the DataTools program. Look over the list and choose one analysis technique that you would like to apply to a dataset related to a topic you teach this year. If you have already begun to plan one of the two larger investigations that you will implement this school year, then feel free to select and describe one of the techniques from it. Our goal with this first online event is to provide you with a little review and practice with these analysis techniques. As an added bonus, you'll end up with a suite of mini-lessons that you can use with your students. While it is perfectly fine for everyone to choose the same analysis technique, you'll have a greater variety of mini-lessons if you try to choose different ones.

Locate a Dataset Relevant to Your Teaching Needs

Gather numeric data, image data, or GIS data on which to apply your analysis technique. This can be data that you have created or collected yourself or it might be data that comes bundled with a program, such as the shape files and ready-made projects within AEJEE. If you need help finding specific data, please post a message in the discussion area and describe what you are looking for.

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Details of the Week's Assignment

Between Thursday 9/13 and Thursday evening 9/20/2007 Between Thursday 9/13 and Sunday evening 9/23/07 A Reminder About Help

Throughout the event, please ask for help as you may need it. In particular, if you have forgotten the specific steps involved in an analysis technique, then please post a "help" message. TERC team members will also be checking the discussion area daily to provide assistance.

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