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There is no one way to do undergraduate reseach, but what all undergraduate research experiences have in common is that they give students firsthand experience in the process of creating knowledge. Your learning objectives should guide you in choosing the form and intensity of an undergraduate research experience.

Undergraduate Research in Greek
Photo courtesy of Randolph College.

You Can Choose the Form

Undergraduate research projects can take many forms. Here are some examples:

You Can Choose the Intensity

You can choose the intensity of an undergraduate research experience. Here are some things to consider. They are all related and can help you decide which of the above forms to use and in what way:

Let Your Learning Objectives Guide You

When deciding on the form and intensity of an undergraduate research experience, let your learning objectives guide you. Knowing what they are can make the task of planning and doing undergraduate research far less daunting.

Draw from Other Pedagogical Practices

When planning the nature of your undergraduate research experience, you may discover it's possible to draw from many other respected pedagogical practices you already use.

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