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Conference Overview & Goals

ACM/FaCE Conference on the Intentional Integration of Academic and Athletic Programs

November 6-7, 2009 at Coe College

Nearly 50 people from 11 ACM colleges and the consortial office participated in the conference. The conference was structured with a keynote address and a series of panels, breakout discussions, and reporting-back sessions to engage faculty, senior athletic staff, and academic and student life leaders in identifying strategies that ACM colleges and the consortium can adopt to:

In the conference proposal, the planning committee identified two distinct, but related elements of collaboration that will lead to innovation:

The most important outcome of the conference and overall collaboration will be strategies for integration between athletics and academics that are embraced by faculty and coaches at all ACM member institutions, both academically and athletically, for implementation.

Next Steps: Solutions by Theme

In the final Breakout Session, participants split up into four groups to discuss four thematic areas (or "Big Ideas") to maximize the educational value of a liberal arts education, focusing first on the integration of academics and athletics:

Each group drew up a list of next steps or action items in its thematic area and reported back to the entire conference with a summary of the group's discussion and next steps.

See the Conference Proceedings for more information.

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