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Office of STEM Education Partnerships (OSEP)

Professional development, programs, and university, school, and community partnerships for authentic STEM teaching and learning.

School of Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University
Established: 2006

Profile submitted by Kemi Jona, PhD

Vision and Goals

The Office of STEM Education Partnership's (OSEP) mission is to connect K-12 students and teachers to the STEM resources of Northwestern University and beyond.

Center/Program Structure

Housed within the School of Education and Social Policy (SESP) at Northwestern University, OSEP consists of 11 full-time staff including scientists, education researchers, curriculum development specialists, software developers, and experienced K-12 educators. OSEP staff combines cutting-edge STEM knowledge and research with the pedagogical expertise needed to design innovative teaching and learning programs, technologies, and resources that invigorate teachers and excite students.

OSEP Director, Dr. Kemi Jona, is a Research Professor of Learning Sciences and Computer Science. As both Professor and Director of OSEP, Dr. Jona leads research and development projects in STEM curriculum design, cyberlearning, and online and blended learning models.

Internal, baseline funding for OSEP is provided by the Vice President for Research and the Dean of SESP while external funding comes from diverse federal, private foundation, and corporate grants.

Description of Programming

Founded in 2006 OSEP develops education programs and strong partnerships to support Northwestern University engagement and outreach in K-12 STEM education; integrate authentic research and practice and K-12 STEM education; and develop scalable and sustainable 'broader impacts' plans and activities.

Successes and Impacts

Elements Contributing to Success

Supplemental Materials

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