Tracer Research Dissemination

On this page, you'll find the project's latest publicly shared papers and presentations.

Planned Presentations

Carol Rutz, Ph.D. (Carleton College) and William Condon, Ph.D. (Washington State University):

  • "Sustaining Faculty Development Programs, Especially in Addressing Gen Ed Communities of Practice" AAC&U General Education and Assessment Meeting, New Orleans, LA, February 23-25, 2012

Past Presentations

William Condon, Mary Taylor Huber, Ellen Iverson, and Gudrun Willett:

  • Panel:"Faculty Development Within Cross-Curricular Initiatives What are the effects on student learning?" AAC&U General Meeting, "Global Positioning: Essential Learning, Student Success, and the Currency of U.S. Degrees," San Francisco, January 26-29. 2011

William Condon, Ph.D. (Washington State University):

  • "College Readiness: What's Working in Faculty Development?" Educators for the 21st Century, sponsored by Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board. October 2010.
  • "HEC Board: College Readiness Standards," Language Arts Leadership Conference, sponsored by Educational Service District 105, Yakima, WA, October 2010.

Ellen Iverson and Gudrun Willett, Ph.D. (Carleton College):

  • "Researching, Supporting and Funding Faculty Development Initiatives: A Synergistic Approach." Research Dissemination and Discussion Session for Faculty Development and Engagement in High-Impact Practices. AAC&U Workshop, Philadelphia, March 26, 2010

Carol Rutz, Ph.D. (Carleton College):

  • "Changing Teaching, Changing Learning through Improved Writing Assignments," CCCC Atlanta, April 2011.
  • with Stephen Wilhoit, "Taking the Lead: Perspectives on WPAs as Campus Leaders," WPA Conference, Philadelphia, July 2010.
  • with Nathan Grawe, "Working it out: Faculty teaching one another toward a new curriculum," WAC 2010 Conference, Bloomington, IN, May 2010.
  • with John Bean and Keith Rhodes, "Using Quantitative Analysis to Extend the Gains from Authentic Assessment of Writing," CCCC, Louisville, March 2010.
  • with Elizabeth Ciner and Greg Marfleet, "Faculty Development and Assessment: Gateway to Measuring Student Gains," AAC&U Conference on General Education and Assessment, Seattle, February 2010.

Gudrun Willett, Ph.D. (Carleton College):

  • with Mary Taylor Huber, "Researching the Researchers: Contradicting Attitudes Toward What We Do in the Classroom Versus What We Do in the Field." Paper presented in a Council on Anthropology and Education (CAE) invited session, "Collusion: Theorizing Academics, Universities, and the State" at the American Anthropological Association (AAA) meetings, Montreal, Canada, November 19, 2011.
  • with Mary Taylor Huber, and Carol Rutz, "The Iterative Cycle of SOTL, Faculty Development, and Student Learning: Lessons from the Tracer Project," International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL), Milwaukee, WI, October 2011.
  • with William Condon, Mary Taylor Huber, and Ellen Iverson. 2011. "Faculty Development within Cross-Curricular Initiatives: What are the Effects on Student Learning?" panel presentation with at the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) General Meeting, San Francisco, January, 2011.
  • with Ellen Iverson, Carol Rutz, Ph.D., and Deborah Gross, Ph.D., : "Elite disjuncture: Broadening access, faculty development, and student learning at a private liberal arts college." Presented in a session organized by Alex Posecnick: "Pipeline to Mobility? Displacement and Flows in Higher Education." American Anthropological Association Meeting, New Orleans, LA, November 18, 2010.
  • with Ellen Iverson, "Researching, Supporting and Funding Faculty Development Initiatives: A Synergistic Approach," American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Workshop on Faculty Development and Engagement in High-Impact Practices, Philadelphia, PA, March, 2010.