The TIDeS project has two overarching research questions:

  • How do the beliefs and practices of instructors who are developing and/or implementing new curricular materials using investigation and design and inclusive strategies change over time ?
  • How do new curricular materials developed using investigation and design impact learning among all students? How does their attitude and confidence towards teaching and learning science change, if at all?

To address these broad questions, we are utilizing a suite of research probes, each of which is aligned with our four guiding principles. The data collected using these research probes will provide a holistic picture of what teaching with investigation and design in introductory college-level science courses looks like, from the perspectives of both faculty and students.

Research probes


A set of probes will allow us to investigate instructors' curricular and instructional practices and their beliefs about teaching and learning:


One instrument focuses on changes in student beliefs and confidence:

Curricular materials

The materials developed through the TIDeS project must meet the rigorous standards outlined in these rubrics:

Timeline of implementation

The relationships between these research instruments and schematic timeline for implementation is shown in the image below.

Publications, reports, and presentations


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