Sunday March 2

5:00 Dinner at Hubert's

Monday March 3

T29 Martin Johnson House

8:30-12:00 Opening Remarks, Introductions, Workshop Goals, Review Existing Activities, Develop Priority List of Activities for Development, Assign Working Groups

Leave for Lunch with a Plan

12:00-1:30 Lunch


  • Eric and Holly are going to work on assessment and lesson plan
  • Carl, Chris and Jerrie are to work together on suite of activities
  • Cheryl,Bruce,Randy Melana work together, develop a subdivison and then work on 2 pieces
  • Anthony and Shawn work on Shawn's activity

Spreadsheet of activities (Excel 32kB Mar3 08)

Reconvene at 4:00 in Sun City with activities uploaded

1:30-4:00 Work in small groups at assorted locals--Submitted activities revised and ready for final review

To submit an activity use this form

To view/edit your activity 1)tell Cathy it is submitted 2) go here

A good example of an activity sheet

This activity reviewed very well.

4:00-5:00 Meet in Sun City to develop plan for tomorrow

Dinner on your own

Tuesday March 4

T29 Martin Johnson House

8:30-12:00 Work time

Review Groups
  • Carl, Cheryl, Shawn, and Chris will review CTD data, Submarine Landslides, Magnetic Wiggles
  • Randy, Bruce, Jerrie, Eric will review Carbon Cycle, Coral Reefs, Atlantic
  • Hubert, Melena, Holly, Bruce will Hotspots set, Finding Edges,
General Comments Following Review (Microsoft Word 28kB Mar4 08)

12:00-1:00 Lunch

Work time to complete activities based on review

6:00 Group Dinner at T29

Wednesday March 5

8:30-10:00 Present new activities to whole group

10:00-11:00 Final revisions and to do lists

11:00-12:00 Final session