Pomona College

1. What is the status of Quantitative Reasoning programming on your campus?

We plan to open a Quantitative Studies Center in Fall 2011. A group of faculty have written a white paper that will guide the establishment of the center:

Karaali, Gizem; Philip I. Choi; Sara Owsley Sood; and Eric B. Grosfils. 2010. Envisioning a Quantitative Studies Center: A Liberal Arts Perspective. Numeracy, 3(1): Article 4. http://services.bepress.com/numeracy/vol3/iss1/art4.

We are now developing a staging plan to open the center.

2. What are the key learning goals that shape your current programming or that you hope to achieve?

The objectives of the QSC will be to: administer one-on-one tutoring program in coordination with the mentoring program; provide infrastructure and training to support mentor sessions across multiple disciplines; offer workshops and support for various analytical tools; promote collaborative and disciplinary study; encourage students to seek academic support without concern of stigma.

3. Do you have QR assessment instruments in place? If so; please describe:

We have considered various instruments but none are in place.

4. Considering your campus culture; what challenges or barriers do you anticipate in implementing or extending practices to develop and assess QR programming on your campus?

There is a strong departmental culture that challenges interdisciplinary collaboration. Different departments have different objectives for the QSC programming. Furthermore, faculty resist "assessment" efforts that focus on learning outcomes as opposed to learning processes.

5. Considering your campus culture; what opportunities or assets will be available to support your QR initiatives?

The Writing Center provides a successful model for the QSC. There are successful initiatives within departments that we can learn from.