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Crystallization of Magmas part of Geochemistry:Activities
Students use three methods to explore the crystallization behavior of a rock of known composition at 1 atmosphere pressure. This laboratory exercise illustrates various approaches used by geochemists and ...

Writing chemical reactions part of Geochemistry:Activities
This is a simple introduction to writing weathering and redox reactions by hand and by using the Rxn program in the Geochemists Workbench. Its usually the first HW assignment I give in my class "Geochemical ...

Mineral Solubility Calculations part of Geochemistry:Activities
Explores the pH dependence of the solubility of quartz, kaolinite, and rare earth phosphate, and familiarizes students with the use of the Geochemists Workbench programs "React" for creating reaction path ...

Course (1)

Geochemistry part of Course Design:Goals Database
Application of chemistry to study the distribution and cycling of elements in the crust of the earth. Includes chemical bonding and crystallization, phase rules and phase diagrams, chemical equilibria, theories on ...


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