Devon Burr

Earth and Planetary Science Department

University of Tennessee, The

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Mars Geologic Mapping part of GIS and Remote Sensing:Activities2
Devon Burr, Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, University of Tennessee Knoxville Summary This final laboratory exercise in an introductory planetary geology course requires the students to use Google Mars to ...

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Landscape inversion on Earth and Mars part of Vignettes:Vignette Collection
PROCESS: Landscape inversion is the process whereby relative topographic elevations become inverted such that previously low-standing features become high-standing. This relief inversion occurs through induration ...

Comparative planetology: the geomorphology of volatile cycling and catastrophic flooding part of Vignettes:Vignette Collection
INTRODUCTION: Three planetary bodies in our Solar System show landforms that provide evidence of liquid flowing over the surface, either at present or in the past. The surface flow of liquid is evidence for a ...