Katherine McCarville

Geography and Geology , Geosciences

Upper Iowa University

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Reflectance Spectra part of GIS and Remote Sensing:Activities2
Katherine McCarville, Upper Iowa University Summary Students use the ALTA reflectance spectrometer to understand concepts in active vs. passive remote sensing, reflectance, and the creation and relevance of ...

Courses (2)

ES326 Soil Genesis, Classification and Morphology part of Hydrogeology:Hydrogeology, Soils, Geochemistry 2013:Courses
The course is a field-oriented exploration of soils, including classification based on the USDA Soil Taxonomy system.

Dinosaurs part of Paleontology:Courses
Dinosaur paleontology incorporates concepts from geology and biology and integrates aspects of chemistry, physics and mathematics to explain and understand these magnificent animals, the environments in which they ...