Paul Kelso

Geology and Physics

Lake Superior State University

Paul Kelso is a Professor of Geology at Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. I enjoy assisting students as they grow and mature as geoscientist and I am always looking for more effective ways to engage students in learning. I have incorporated problem based learning into many of my classes and often these projects have a field focus. My research interests, in addition to geoscience education, include rock magnetism and paleomagnetism which are often applied to tectonic problems. I am also involved in engaging high school students and minorities, particularly Native Americans, in field based geoscience activities.

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Using Geophysical Field Studies as the Focus for Problem-Based Learning (PBL) in an Introductory Geophysics Course part of Cutting Edge:Geophysics:Workshop 07:Geophysics Activities
Using field geophysics projects as the focus of problem based learning activities in an introductory geophysics course provides students with the opportunity to work and think as geophysicists. Students are ...

Conjugate Fractures form in Clay part of Cutting Edge:Structural Geology:Activities
Pottery clay deformed by uniaxial compression, with a standard hydraulic rock trimmer, produces conjugate fractures at approximately 30 degrees to sigma 1. This activity allows students to observe fracturing and ...

Essay (1)

Learning geoscience by doing geoscience part of Integrate:Workshops:Teaching the Methods of Geoscience:Essays
Learning geoscience by doing geoscience Paul Kelso, Geology and Physics, Lake Superior State University As is the case with many faculty, my teaching methods and strategies have evolved over the years. I learned ...

Conference Presentation (1)

A project-based geology curriculum at Lake Superior State University: an overview with examples part of Earth Educators Rendezvous 2015:Program:Abstracts
We at Lake Superior State University designed an innovative undergraduate geology curriculum that is based on constructivist educational principles and emphasizes engagement of students in real-life projects. ...


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