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Biodiversity part of Project EDDIE:Teaching Materials:Modules
In this module, students will analyze data from the Florida Keys Reef Visual Census (FKRVS), a long-term monitoring effort of key reef fish populations in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Students will calculate the species richness as well as the Shannon index and Pielou's evenness index across different years of data and between different reef types. Furthermore, students will explore how years with high frequencies of hurricanes impact these measures. The module culminates with students writing a summary finding of how reef types and hurricane frequency will impact the FKRVS in the future.

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Using Project EDDIE modules in Environmental Earth Science part of Project EDDIE:Teaching Materials:Using Project EDDIE Materials:Instructor Stories
Instructors are always trying to find new and innovative ways for students to gain more confidence and familiarity with data analysis. No matter what level of student you are teaching, EDDIE modules are a great tool to enhance student quantitative reasoning. The modules are well organized, have clear learning objectives/materials and most important, they are fun!