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MARGINS Mini-Lessons

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Mini-lessons are modular learning materials that repurpose the data resources, visualizations, and other information sources developed through MARGINS and MARGINS-related research for use in examining fundamental earth processes in undergraduate classrooms from a multidisciplinary perspective. Mini-lessons are based on best practices in geoscience pedagogy and in the construction of digital educational products. The original collection of mini-lessons was developed by the MARGINS program with support from an NSF Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) grant - Using MARGINS Data in the Classroom.

GeoPRISMS researchers are encouraged to create mini-lessons as a part of their outreach and broader impacts. To develop a mini-lesson based on your research, complete the submission form at and one of the web developers at SERC will work with you to complete the process. If you have questions about this process, please contact John McDaris.

We also encourage faculty members to use existing mini-lessons in their classes and evaluate how they worked as a method for improving the collection. If you are planning to teach with a mini-lesson, please consider using the Observation Protocol to capture what you see as it's strengths and weaknesses. The annonymized review data will be shared with the original author to help them in revising their activity.