Course-Based Research Experiences: Development, Implementation, and Assessment

Monday, December 7th, Noon-4 PM
Tuesday, December 8th, 9 AM – 4 PM
Location: Weitz Center for Creativity, Room 236

Sponsoring initiatives(s): HHMI/CISMI


Course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs) provide exciting opportunities for scaling up benefits of mentored research internships, but their design, implementation, and assessment come with a unique set of challenges. In this workshop, we will hear from Erin Dolan (UT Austin) and several Carleton faculty and staff about their experiences developing and assessing CUREs. These perspectives will set up working-group discussions about what pedagogical goals are ideal targets for CUREs, individual and institutional strategies for sustainable implementation, and approaches to assessing CUREs both on the individual class and institutional level at Carleton.


  • Erin Dolan, Executive Director, Texas Institute for Discovery Education in Science (UT Austin)
  • Matt Whited, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Cam Davidson, Director of Carleton's Interdisciplinary Science and Math Initiative / Professor of Geology

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