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The Dynamic Earth

Tim Filley, Jim Ogg

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Earth Systems Science

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This course covers the formation and development of the solid earth, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and bio-sphere. The course studies the whole earth as a system of many interacting parts and focuses on the changes within and between these parts. This course is intended for all majors in earth and atmospheric sciences.

Course Context:

This course, offered in the fall term of 2003 at Purdue University, has 2 lectures (Monday and Wednesday) and 3 lab sessions (students attend on of Tuesday, Thursday or Friday).

Course Content:

This course address topics such as deep time, major climatic cycles, climate on human timescales, natural climate change and biodiversity.

Teaching Materials:

The text for this course is:
Kump, Kasting & Crane. The Earth System (2nd edition)

The website contains the class schedule and links to documents that will be used on given lecture days.


Total of 1000 pts (Tests 35+130+180; Field trip 50; Labs 300; Paper 200; Quizes & Homework 105)

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