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Use this form to sign up your program site to use the EvaluateUR system. The details you provide here will be used to generate your program-specific interface.

If you have used EvaluateUR in the past you should use the Renew link in your existing program dashboard rather than filling out this form.

We have been following the developments over the last few weeks and the decisions by many colleges and universities to move to remote instruction for part or all of the spring semester.

Due to the uncertainty about how this might impact undergraduate research for the summer 2020, purchasing a 1-year EvaluateUR subscription through June 30th will automatically be extended for 2-years. This should allow your undergraduate research program to have access to your dashboard for a second year at no additional charge.
Site Administrator

The site administrator is responsible for: registering and activating the student/mentor pairs, and checking the dashboard every day or two to keep track of all the research pairs. The site administrator is the individual that will receive email updates about the progress of the research pairs and who has responsibility for shepherding them through the EvaluateUR process.

If you have a large program with more than one coordinator please contact us directly before filling out this form.

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Program Information
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We assume each institution will be supporting one group of student/mentor pairs each year, working on approximately the same timeline (e.g. over the span of the summer). If you would like to run multiple cohorts at different times during a single year (e.g. a group of students participating in a summer research experience and a group participating in an academic year research experience) please contact us to coordinate the this.
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