How can I use the Earth Exploration Toolbook?

Teachers can...

  • learn techniques for accessing, interpreting, and analyzing Earth and environmental science datasets
  • get direct practice using software tools to explore data, so they can facilitate students' explorations
  • enable students to tap into the wealth of satellite imagery, GIS-based maps, and tabular data available over the Internet
  • meet national and local science education standards for analyzing data and designing experiments

Students can...

Example Output from How Permanent is Permafrost? EET chapter
  • learn to use software tools to explore and interpret datasets, so they can understand the changing status of our planet
  • learn techniques of analyzing satellite data and creating graphics for research projects or science fairs
  • investigate human-induced change across our globe
  • examine scientific data for evidence of global climate change

Tool developers, data providers, and data-using educators can...

  • contribute new chapters that feature the use of their own data or tools
  • increase educators' and students' awareness of and ability to use their data, ultimately resulting in an increased public demand for Earth and environmental science data and tools

Please contact if you are interested in contributing a chapter.