Bruce Madariaga

Professor of Economics
20200 Observation Drive
Humanities/Social Science/Education Division
Montgomery College
Germantown, MD 20876


Background Information

Bruce Madariaga is a professor and discipline coordinator of economics at Montgomery College in Maryland. He has been teaching economics at Montgomery College for over 10 years. Bruce also teaches economics and public policy on-line part-time for Northwestern University. Prior to his arrival at Montgomery College, Bruce worked for the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a senior economist. Bruce completed his graduate work in economics from the University of Maryland specializing in environmental and natural resource economics. He also earned a MPA degree from Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. Bruce's educational background was unusual – he dropped out of school as a teenager and never attended high school. A community college gave him a second chance.

Related Pedagogical Projects

Bruce is author of the book "Economics for Life: 101 Lessons You Can Use Every Day!" which offers a collection of interesting and student relevant applications of basic economic principles. The book provides a valuable resource for economic educators who wish to deliver applications-based principles of economics courses. Bruce also has published various articles in agricultural, environmental, and natural resource economics and about the teaching of economics. He also has made various presentations at teaching economics conferences such as "Bringing Economics to Life, and Life to Economics!" where he advocated for a less dry, technical, graphical, mathematical, and theoretical and a more practical real world applications-based approach to teaching economic principles.