Dave Wells

Initial Publication Date: March 16, 2010
Teaching as George Cadbury

Sr. Lecturer
Interdisciplinary Studies Program
School of Letters and Sciences
Arizona State University
Box 0320
411 N. Central Avenue, Suite 351
Phoenix, AZ 85004 Dave.Wells@asu.edu

Phone:(602) 496-0615

Background Information

Dave holds a doctorate in Political Economy and Public Policy and has taught economics at Denison University and Earlham College and arrived at Arizona State University in 1998 where he has taught interdisciplinary studies and politics.

Dave does research and policy advocacy, primarily focused on state fiscal issues, but writes on a variety of policy topics and has authored more than 100 op-eds for Arizona papers since 2005 (archived at http://makedemocracywork.org).

At Arizona State University, he's taught small, large, internet and hybrid courses and received awards for his innovative efforts.

He's presently working on developing an interdisciplinary textbook to assist undergraduates in seeing the benefits and limits of disciplinary lenses and to take them step by step through the interdisciplinary process for addressing complex issues.

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