Dan Marburger

Professor of Economics
Box 2442
State University, AR
72467 marburge@astate.edu


Background Information

Dan Marburger is Professor of Economics at Arkansas State University. He earned his PhD at Arizona State University (the real ASU) and has an MBA from the University of Cincinnati and a B.S. in General Management from Purdue University. He has published in over 20 international/national economics journals including Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Economic Inquiry, and the Southern Economic Journal. He also edited and co-authored Stee-rike Four! What's Wrong with the Business of Baseball (Greenwood Publishing). His research interests are in economic education, labor economics, and the economics of sports.

Related Pedagogical Projects

Dan is under contract with Addison Wesley publishers to write Managerial Economics, which takes a significant departure from existing managerial economics texts by moving the discipline closer to applied business functions. He has also published research on cooperative learning in the International Review of Economic Education and has published empirical studies on absenteeism and student performance in the Journal of Economic Education.