Amber Qureshi Urrutia

Assistant Professor, Economics
1900 Pico Blvd Santa Monica CA 90405


Background Information

I recently started teaching economics at Santa Monica College after earning my PhD from the University of California, Riverside in June 2016. My interests in the field are in applied microeconomics, so my current goal is to form classes where students can learn how to take economic logic and apply it to our real world problems - something we can all benefit from! In the classroom I like to emphasize the use of technology, such as clickers, to encourage an active lecture environment and to reach out to everyone in a diverse classroom setting.

It is a passion of mine to ensure that all students are served equitably on campus. To that end I am an active member of diversity, equity, and women's rights committees on campus that work in the interests of both students and faculty.

Off campus, I love animals and nature. I enjoy hiking and gardening, and have multiple pets. I also love to read - anything from novels to of course keeping up on economic current events and literature. You can frequently find me listening to all forms of economic news radio and podcasts.

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