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Other resources for economics instruction

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Other resources for economics instruction  

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I have found that the following sources have been very useful in the integration of active learning, collaboration and problem based instruction in my principles classes:

Foundation for Teaching Economics

While this curriculum has been designed for the high school level, many of the activities/lessons are easily adapted to the principles class. For example, the Economic Forces in American History is an outstanding example/array of interdisciplinary approach to instruction in economic history.

Another excellent interdisciplinary set of activities can be found in the links for Economics of Disasters

This link provides an example of the support/instruction that the FTE provides.

The National Council on Economic Education and the local councils - in my case the Arizona Council on Economic Education.

I suspect most of the economics faculty are familiar with the National Council - like the FTE there are a number of excellent high school resources that are easily adapted to the community college environment -

The key resource at the above site is Virtual Economics = a must resource for your library

Office of Economic Education - University of Arizona

I love this site - as I teach US Economic History this site has super support - resources, book reviews, data, and an encyclopedia.

For example at you will be pointed to number of great data sources both within and without EH. As many of you may know, the NBER macro data set is accessible and very useful for student research.
TR Brown Economic Understanding

If you click below you will find examples of resources, professional development, links to other resources. While designed for high school instruction much of the material here is of use to community college faculty.


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Great job as you provided a number of credible and useful sources. The sources should be helpful in our endevours. I look forward to next week's meeting.
Chip Baumgardner


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Thank you Greg for this list. There is always something new.

One of my favorite resources is the St. Louis Fed. They have a very active economic education program. Like some of the resources that you suggested, many of these are aimed at younger students, but can be adapted for college students. The director, Mary Suiter, is very open to suggestions if there are topics that you think they should include. I know that they are working to develop some materials that build on FRED data, because my students did some testing this spring. The address is

Gail (economics)


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