Geospatial Erosion Examination: Instruction & Follow-up Slides

Geospatial Erosion Examination: Instruction & Follow-up Slides
Students will compare a figure with natural erosion rates with a figure that illustrates erosion from agricultural activity (both from Wilkinson and McElroy, 2007). They will need to identify areas with the greatest erosion, compare the two figures, and understand that agriculture produces greater erosion rates than nature. By looking at both figures a second time, they will also understand that there is little area that is producing new soil. They will consider how erosion and lack of soil production threatens soil sustainability. Copyediting Revisions

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Lecture slides created by Sarah Fortner (Wittenberg University) using images and data from GSA and USDA.
References provided within the document, Wilkinson & McElroy figures released for course use.