Teaching Materials

Building off of lessons learned from a pilot study, 32 faculty members (8 principal investigators and 24 participating faculty members) representing diverse STEM and business disciplines from Bentley University, Northern Illinois University, and Wittenberg University formed communities of faculty to create and rigorously assess transdisciplinary curriculum modules focused on sustainability. The two modules below are the results of the transdisciplinary teams. Read more about the development process.

Transdisciplinary Curriculum Modules

The Wicked Problem of Water Quality in the Mississippi River Watershed

In this module, students will explore the way complex water-related challenges are connected to natural systems and human activities that currently provide us with physical health and economic well-being.

The Wicked Problem of an Equitable Zero-Waste Circular Economy

In this module, students will explore the the way complex problems like a circular economy intertwine natural systems with human activities that provide for our physical health and economic well-being.

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