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Ways to Learn More about How Scientists Can Help Improve Science Education

Created by Jennifer L. B. Anderson, Ph.D., SERC, Carleton College.

How Can Scientists Participate in the Professional Development of Teachers?

Participate in a Scientist-Educator Workshop

The majority of national science conferences hold workshops that bring together educators and scientists to discuss current education-related issues. Also, most conferences have oral and poster sessions devoted to education-related issues.

There are also national workshops that work to bring together scientists and educators for intense discussion and exploration of common issues.

Join/Support Organizations that Support Teachers

There are many national organizations that support science teachers. Often a membership to these organizations includes a journal or other mailing dealing with current issues of science education, as well as connections to other faculty across the nation who are involved in science education programs. These organizations provide ideas, inspiration and support for science teachers, science educators and scientists interested in education. In addition, many states have local or regional science teacher or earth science teacher associations.

Become Familiar with National Science Education Reforms

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