How well can hand size predict height?

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This activity uses student's own data to introduce bivariate relationship using hand size to predict height. Students enter their data through a real-time online database. Data from different classes are stored and accumulated in the database. This real-time database approach speeds up the data gathering process and shifts the data entry and cleansing from instructor to engaging students in the process of data production.

Learning Goals

This activity is designed to help students learn the issues related to data measurement and production, to learn the relationship of two variables. By the end of this activity, students will be able to

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The detailed description and materials of this activity are located at the site:
Real-Time Hands-on Activities
The following materials are used to introduce the bivariate relationship. One may choose to use a subset of the materials her/his class.

Teaching Notes and Tips

Features about the Real-Time online data collection the instructor should be aware of: Prior to conducting this activity, the instructor needs to: During the session of conducting the group activity, The use of this activity beyond introductory level:


Students are assessed using

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