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Workshop Program

The MAA PREP Workshop Educating with Math for a Sustainable Future was postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. We will use the unfortunate delay to reorganize the workshop in the following ways:

  1. introduction of the topic and the website via an online webinar,
  2. facilitated working group meeting with a workshop facilitator and your small group participants so you can start creating and uploading activities, and
  3. face-to-face working group meeting at the MAA Carriage House (scheduled for March 15-17, 2013).

Friday, March 15

8:15-8:30 Arrival at Carriage House

8:30-9:15 Program Overview and Welcome

9:15-10:00 Participant Introductions

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-Noon Working Group I

Noon-1:00 Lunch

1:00-1:30 Progress Reports

1:30-4:30 Working Group I (continued)

4:30-6:00 Progress Reports and Full Group Discussion

Saturday, March 16

8:15-8:25 Arrival at Carriage House

8:25-8:30 Announcements

8:30-10:00 Working Group I (continued)

10:00-10:15 Break/New Project Sign-Up

10:15-Noon Organize Working Group II

10:45-Noon Working Group II

Noon-1:00 Lunch

1:00-4:30 Working Group II (continued)

4:30-6:00 Progress Reports and Full Group Discussion

Sunday, March 17

8:15-8:25 Arrival at Carriage House

8:25-8:30 Announcements

8:30-10:00 Planning for Dissemination and Ongoing Work

9:45-10:15 Identification and Sharing of Personal Commitments

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-Noon Full Group Discussion

Pre-Workshop Activities

Webinar - Friday, December 7

Instructions for connecting to webinar (private workspace)

12:00-12:10 Welcome

12:10-12:35 Goals and Purpose of the Event

12:35-12:50 Introduce the Website and the Template

12:50-1:20 Discussion

1:20-1:30 Introduction of Individual Work Spaces and Directions for Breakout Groups

1:30-1:35 Introduction of Resource List

1:35-1:45 Break

1:45-2:30 Working Group I - Breakout Session

2:30-3:00 Working Group I Report Out/Final Discussion

January/February 2013

Facilitated working group meetings (Dates & times varied for each working group)

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