Paleo Slide Set: Polar Ice Cores

This slide show describes scientists' travels to the ends of the earth to study climate variability. Included in this set are color photos of the Greenland Ice Sheet and the Antarctic Ice Sheet, in addition to a comprehensive text for each slide. Examine ice cores, visit science camps, and understand the importance of these two enormous ice sheets. Maps and graphical representations of ice core data along with ice core methodology and long term glacial/interglacial climatic reconstructions are also included. This set can also be used as an educational tool for studying current issues in glaciology, global warming, the greenhouse effect, and global climate variability.

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Subject: Geoscience:Hydrology, Atmospheric Science, Atmospheric Science:Climatology
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Grade Level: High School (9-12), College Lower (13-14), College Upper (15-16)
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Topics: Hydrosphere/Cryosphere, Snow and Ice, Climate, Atmosphere