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A collection of resources related to understanding spatial thinking in the geosciences.


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The Hidden Earth: Visualization of Geologic Features and their Subsurface Geometry part of SERC Web Resource Collection

Jessey David
This PDF from researchers at Arizona State University illustrates useful graphs, charts and maps with which to teach undergraduates petrology and other processes beneath the earth's surface.

BGeology 3D part of SERC Web Resource Collection

Laura Marie Leventhal, Dale S. Klopfer, Charles Onasch, Guy Zimmerman
This site from the Interdisciplinary Research in Geology, Computer Science, and Psychology at Bowling Green State University provides teaching tools for the geological sciences. The NSF-funded ...

Research Methodologies in Science Education: Visualization and the Geosciences part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Julie Libarkin, Christine Brick
This article in the Journal of Geoscience Education provides information about what methods are most useful in teaching students visualization skills, as well as what types of future research can ...

Research methodologies in science education; visualization and the geosciences part of SERC Print Resource Collection
J. Libarkin, and C. Brick
This article addresses the use of visualizations in geoscience education. It traces the technological advancement of visualizations from static materials to animations and interactive models. It ...

Real world knowledge through real-world maps: A developmental guide for navigating the educational terrain part of SERC Print Resource Collection
L. S. Liben, K. A. Kastens, and L. M. Stevenson
This article discusses the relationship between map-navigational skills and more general representational and spatial skills. It reviews relevant developmental and educational research and highlights ...

Position Location on Topographical Maps: Effects of Task Factors, Training and Strategy part of SERC Print Resource Collection
N. Schofield, and J. Kirby
This study examines task factors, cognitive processes, and individual differences as determinants of performance differences when locating a position on a topographical map from a given position on ...

Effect of Type of Practice in a Computer-Aided Design Environment in Visualizing Three-Dimensional Objects From Two-Dimensional Orthographic Projections part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Richard T. Duesbury, Harold F. Jr. O'Neil
ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of practice in manipulating 2- and 3-dimensional (D) wireframe images on a learner's ability to visualize 3-D objects. Practice, either ...

Multiple Modalities and Multiple Frames of Reference for Spatial Knowledge part of SERC Print Resource Collection
S. M. Freundschuh, H. A. Taylor

Spatial Schemas in Depictions part of SERC Print Resource Collection
Barbara Tversky
Depictions, such as maps, that portray visible things are ancient whereas graphics, such as charts and diagrams, that portray things that are inherently not visible, are relatively modern inventions. ...

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