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Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Activities (2)

Drawing Structural and Isopachous Maps part of Cutting Edge:Sedimentary Geology:Sedimentology, Geomorphology, and Paleontology 2014:Activities
This activity has 3 maps with real stratigraphic data recorded adjacent to drill holes in the Illinois Basin. Students contour the structural data. They may also contour the associated thickness data or they can just look at the trends of the thickness data relative to the structures on their completed structure map.

Woolly Mammoth Excavation and Lab Work part of Cutting Edge:Geoscience in the Field:Field Experiences:Posters
students participate in authentic research project w/ scientists students learn scientific process through experience students participate in all aspects of the project including problem solving

Other Contributions (2)

Sedimentary Geology GEOL 330 part of Cutting Edge:Sedimentary Geology:Sedimentology, Geomorphology, and Paleontology 2014:Courses
The course covers the many aspects of sedimentary rocks petrography of sedimentary rocks, sedimentary processes, depositional environments, facies analysis, and principles of stratigraphy. Practical skills are taught from field and lab work through describing and correlating local sections and cores, interpreting and correlating downhole geophysical logs, and creating structure maps, isopachous maps, and cross sections.

Resource Consumption part of Starting Point-Teaching Entry Level Geoscience:First Day of Class:Activities
Janis Treworgy, Principia College Course: Introductory Geology 17 students Connecting course topics to students' lives is a very effective strategy to motivate their learning. The Activity As one means of ...

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Teaching Environmental Geology 2012

Sedimentology, Geomorphology, and Paleontology 2014