Joceline Boucher

Corning School of Ocean Studies

Maine Maritime Academy

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Activities (3)

Introduction to Ocean Acoustics: Guided Problem Solving part of Cutting Edge:Oceanography:Activities
Students learn about sound propagation in the ocean through instructor-guided problem solving. The activity promotes a conceptual understanding of the physical and chemical factors that influence ocean acoustics, with applications to how whales communicate over long distances. The activity serves as a way to introduce the topic of ocean sound.

Seawater composition: an introduction part of Cutting Edge:Oceanography:Activities
In this activity, students collaboratively "build" the hydrologic cycle and use it as a starting point for thinking about the composition of seawater.

Atmospheric Carbon: Can We Offset the Increase? part of Cutting Edge:Oceanography:Activities
This activity lets students discover first hand how the big issues in climate change – here, the increase in atmospheric CO2 and the utility of carbon offsets – can be understood through measurement, application of simple concepts, and "back of the envelope" estimates. It also provides students both personal and global context for understanding the magnitude of current greenhouse gas emissions.

Events and Communities

Oceanography Workshop 2013