Jack Loveless

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Smith College

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Describing three-dimensional structures with spherical and Cartesian coordinates part of Cutting Edge:Structural Geology:Structure, Geophysics, and Tectonics 2012:Activities
Analyzing three-dimensional orientation data using a stereonet is an important component of any structural geology course, ideally helping students to visualize structural geometry and serving as a springboard for more advanced topics such as fault and fold kinematics. Rather than teaching my students about stereonets using tracing paper and pushpins, I use the newest version of Rick Allmendinger and NĂ©stor Cardozo's OSXStereonet program, which includes elegant, interactive three-dimensional view options. Simultaneously, I teach students transformation of orientation data between spherical coordinates and Cartesian coordinates, using MATLAB functions to carry out the conversions. We simultaneously solve problems involving orientation data using OSXStereonet and MATLAB, allowing students to gain an understanding of the mathematics that OSXStereonet carries out behind the scenes while using the visualization capabilities of OSXStereonet to reinforce the three-dimensional concepts. Keywords: Stereonet, OSXStereonet, Matlab, spherical, Cartesian, visualization

Exploring fold and thrust belts in Google Earth part of Cutting Edge:Structural Geology:Structure, Geophysics, and Tectonics 2012:Activities
Google Earth enhances traditional geologic maps by allowing the viewer to explore three-dimensional map patterns and the interaction between structure and topography in dictating those map patterns. This activity overlays 4, 7.5' USGS quadrangles on Google Earth terrain and imagery data and encourages students to investigate common features of fold-and-thrust belts. Keywords: Google Earth, fold-and-thrust belt, visualization


Structural Geology part of Cutting Edge:Structural Geology:Structure, Geophysics, and Tectonics 2012:Courses
Introductory structural geology

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Bathymetry of a Rifted Margin part of MARGINS Data in the Classroom

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Structure, Geophysics, and Tectonics 2012