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Using a Flume to Demonstrate Fluid Properties and Sediment Transport part of Cutting Edge:Sedimentary Geology:Activities
A laboratory recirculating flume offers ideal opportunities for conducting demonstrations designed to help students observe and understand a variety of fluid properties and the basics of sediment entrainment and transport.


Buffalo State College - Oceanography part of Teacher Preparation:Resource Collections:Courses
This non-lab based course is open to all students, including geology and earth science majors. It is taken by prospective elementary teachers (often those earning a concentration in science) and secondary science teachers (primarily those students earning a certification in biology, earth science, or both). The course is designed to help students understand how the science of oceanography developed and ways that the oceans are studied, the use of ocean exploration tools (e.g., how oceanography can be done from orbiting satellites), the evolution and structure of ocean basins, the marine realm (physical properties of the water column and ocean diversity), and recent advances in our understanding of marine processes and resources. For Dr. Singer's reflections on the course and its design, see Oceanography: Role in the Program.

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Theme Group 2: Earth Science for Secondary Teachers - Systems and Models part of Teacher Preparation:Workshops and Activities:Workshop 2007
Group Members Eric Pyle, History and Philosophy of the Geosciences James Ebert, Laboratory Techniques in Earth Science William Slattery, Earth Systems Jill Singer, Oceanography Sandra Rutherford, Methods for ...

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