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Watching Oneself Teach

For all the faculty involved, the opportunity to watch themselves conducting class was a valuable and sometimes uncomfortable experience. Reflecting on this has led several to some new conclusions about their teaching.

Biology 252: Watching Yourself Teach (Flash Video 26.5MB Oct12 09) (6:58 min)
Matt reflects on his experience of watching his own teaching—the energy required and the difficulty of "reading" student responses in class—as well as his own growth as a teacher and the challenge of turning mistakes into a learning opportunity. The joy of discovering new things to share with students is at the heart of Matt's passion for teaching.

Classics 114: Watching Yourself Teach (Flash Video 12MB Mar30 09) (3:10 min)
Clara reflects on the perils and discomfort of seeing oneself in front of a class.

French 101: Watching Yourself Teach (Flash Video 38.4MB Sep2 09) (10:06 min)
Christine reflects on the ongoing challenges of keeping the classroom student-centered and "reading" her students body language in class, including the "English moment" rule. Christine sees transitions and timing as areas for future growth.

Watching Oneself Teach
History 137: Watching Oneself Teach (Flash Video 13.3MB Mar27 09) (3:29 min)
Bill describes his reaction to watching himself on video and the insight he gained about how he uses classroom space and the blackboard.

History 161: Watching Oneself Teaching (Flash Video 7.4MB Mar30 09) (1:59 min)
Parna reflects on how she has changed over time and how watching the class video helped her to see how students react to different aspects of her teaching.

Political Science 230: Reflecting on Practice (Flash Video 18.4MB Oct14 09) (4:51 min)
Greg reflects on his classroom strategies and how they have changed since arriving at Carleton. Finding the balance between lecture and discussion and creating active classes are areas for ongoing attention.

The Teacher in the Mirror
Studio Art 122: The Teacher in the Mirror (Flash Video 19.1MB Mar25 09) (5:04 min)
Stephen reflects on how he has become more comfortable in his teaching role and how that ease has improved student learning.