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Formatting the Classroom

There are many different ways to "shape" a successful class, but most of them involve introducing variety as well as promoting stability of expectations.

Biology 252: The Shape of Class (Flash Video 10MB Sep2 09) (2:38 min)

The overall "shape" of a typical class can enhance learning by providing students with useful contexts for both specific information and broader concepts.

Biology 252: Lab & Research Expectations (Flash Video 20.7MB Sep2 09) (5:27 min)
Matt explains that term-long research projects enable students to experience how scientific data is generated and how new research questions are generated.

Classics 114: Small Groups (Flash Video 9.2MB Mar30 09) (2:25 min)
Clara considers the importance of varying the tempo in a long class session and in allowing quieter members to speak in a less intimidating venue.

French 101: The Interactive Classroom (Flash Video 14.3MB Sep2 09) (3:46 min) Christine discusses several different methods she uses to keep students engaged and active in class.

History 137: Lecture/Questions: Creating Interplay (Flash Video 19.5MB Apr1 09) (5:08 min)
Bill describes his approach to a class period, his own agenda, and how he tries to balance that with student questions and confusions.

Math 106: Discovery as Strategy (Flash Video 22.8MB Mar27 09) (6:02 min)
Deanna articulates the basic principles of "discovery learning" and how she uses it in this particular class, including the importance of giving students the freedom to explore a question in depth.

Political Science 230: Interactive Classrooms (Flash Video 12MB Oct12 09) (3:10 min)

Greg reflects on the differences in his classroom practice between the lecture sections and the workshop, including strategies for making class more interactive both with technology and in spite of it.