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French 101: Elementary French

Faculty Member: Christine Lac
Class Description:
This course introduces the basic structures of the French language, everyday vocabulary and cultural situations. Students practice all four skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) in French. Taught five days a week in French.

Watch/Download Full Video (Flash Video 136.4MB Sep2 09): 35:51 min

Class Video

Chapter 1: Course Goals (Flash Video 21.5MB Sep2 09) (5:39 min)
Christine describes the overall goals of her introductory language course and the challenges of balancing different elements language and culture and the "shape" a typical class might take. The rapidity of coverage of material is a challenge.

Chapter 2: Making Mistakes, Making Corrections (Flash Video 14.1MB Sep2 09) (3:45 min)
Christine talks about different strategies for correcting students and her philosophy on keeping the classroom environment positive.

Chapter 3: Teaching as Performance (Flash Video 11.3MB Sep2 09) (2:58 min)
Christine discusses the function of her teaching "character" and how it advances the learning of the students.

Chapter 4: Students Who Struggle (Flash Video 19.3MB Sep2 09) (5:06 min)
Students struggle in a variety of ways, and Christine stresses the importance of students becoming self-monitoring, both "true" beginners and students with some experience in the language.

Chapter 5: Working with the Textbook (Flash Video 14.6MB Sep2 09) (3:50 min)
The textbook can serve as a "marker" for students, and they need the structure that it provides, but Christine strives for a creative balance in its use.

Chapter 6: The Interactive Classroom (Flash Video 14.3MB Sep2 09) (3:46 min)
Christine discusses several different methods she uses to keep students engaged and active in class.

Chapter 7: Watching Yourself Teach (Flash Video 38.4MB Sep2 09) (10:06 min)
Christine reflects on the ongoing challenges of keeping the classroom student-centered and "reading" her students body language in class, including the "English moment" rule. Christine sees transitions and timing as areas for future growth.