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Sampling Distribution of an Average: Exercises to Aid Student Understanding
Joy Jordan
This activity includes sampling-distribution exercises with metacognitive prompts. Its designed for small group work during one class period.

Post-test Reflection Exercise (Wrapper) for Intermediate Spanish
David Thompson
Post-test reflection exercises (also called "exam wrappers") are brief activities that help students develop metacognitive thinking skills.

Biology Knowledge Survey
Tim Tibbetts, Monmouth College
Knowledge Survey for first semester biology course for biology and science majors. Based on the Biology textbook by Campbell. Inlcudes questions for first 20 Chapters.

Learn a Piece by Yourself
Kent McWilliams
With scaffolding from the instructor, students choose a piano piece to learn independently. The instructor will help pick a piece that is appropriate for the student in terms of style and ability level. Then the ...

"The Pod" Collaboration
Holly Swyers, Lake Forest College
Holly Swyers, Lake forest College Author Profile Summary empty Learning Goals Create an environment that Gave students a group of potential student-student connections larger than an FIYS ...

Reading Reflection
Tim Tibbetts, Monmouth College

Post-Exam Wrapper
Clara Hardy
After completing and receiving back their graded quizzes each week, students were asked to consider the quiz at the meta-level, and answer questions concerning how they prepared for the quiz, how they actually did compared to how they expected to do, what sorts of mistakes they made, and how they might, in light of those, prepare for the next one.

Reading Reflections
Karl Wirth, Macalester College